18th May 2022: Lord Faulkner of Worcester:

Today I asked Her Majesty’s Government what steps they are taking to support the heritage steam sector in the light of the current interruption to coal supplies. Visit the link at the bottom of the page for the responses.

"My Lords, the Minister will be aware that during the passage of the Environment Bill his noble friend Lady Bloomfield, whom I am delighted to see in her place, made clear the Government’s support for this sector and that there would be no curb on the burning of coal by steam trains, not least because only 0.02% of CO2 emissions are caused by heritage steam. But imports of coal from Russia have now stopped and virtually every coal mine in Great Britain has closed; as a result, stocks are at a dangerously low level. Will the Minister agree to meet representatives of the sector and me, and is he able to offer any other hope of where future coal stocks will come from?"

A link to to the full debate can be found here