2 December 2010: At the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, where I presented the illustrated portrait of Brunel to Lord Gladwyn, retiring President of the Museum.

This huge dramatic portrait of Brunel was painted in 1978 by Bryan Organ, Britain's top portrait artist.

"On behalf of President Lord Gladwyn, Patrons and Trustees of the Museum, I have great pleasure in welcoming the artist himself to The Tunnel Club: Mr Organ is here this evening. The painting was commissioned by former British Railways Board Chairman, Sir Peter Parker, with whom I had the privilege of working at board headquarters. It originally hung in the Brunel Room at the Great Western Royal Hotel, Paddington. During my time as chairman of the Railway Heritage Committee, we designated the painting - which by then was in the ownership of the British Railways Board (Residuary) Ltd - as being of sufficient interest to warrant long-term preservation. This meant that it could not be disposed of or sold without the permission of the Committee. "