25th February 2021: Lord Faulkner of Worcester:

Here is a letter I wrote to the Guardian. I wrote this follow-up because the original full page obituary contained no reference to heritage railways or to her presidency of the HRA.
"Dame Margaret Weston was the first president of the Heritage Railway Association, and well into her 80s took a hands-on role, cajoling Britain’s heritage railways into professionalism and maintaining high standards of reliability and safety. She was passionate about working with and motivating the volunteers who provided the backbone of their operations."
This photo, from HRA Press Officer, John Crane, shows Chris Smyth and
Dame Margaret Weston presenting the Heritage Railway Association's 2006/7
Carriage and Wagon competition award to representatives of the BASH
(Bluebell Ashbury Supporters and Helpers) team.

A link to my letter can be found here

A link to the original online obituary can be found here