19th october 2020: Lord Faulkner of Worcester:

I was delighted to visit the Great Western Society at Didcot on 30 August to perform two presentations. One was of a photograph taken in 1919 of the staff at Bordesley Junction in Birmingham amongst whom was my late father, Harold Faulkner.

The Society plans to put it in their museum, where it will join other historic photos of the old Great Western Railway. As well as the station master, ticket collector and porters shown in the photograph, the staff at Bordesley Junction included their colleagues on other shifts, signalmen, platelayers, clerks and porters at the goods depot and carters, as well as the crews of passing trains. They formed a close-knit community and Harold came to know many of them personally. I handed the photograph to Richard Croucher, who retired as chairman and director of the Great Western Society in 2019 after 18 years.
I carried out the second presentation in my capacity as President of the Heritage Railway Association. The GWS won the 2020 HRA Chairman’s Special Award for the building of a new “Saint” class locomotive, Lady of Legend. The photograph below shows me handing over the plaque to Richard Croucher, Peter Chatman (project engineer), and Emma Jihta (chief executive of the GWS). Lady of Legend is behind the four of us.