20 November 2016:   In January this year, I was honoured to be asked by British Prime Minister Theresa May to be the first-ever UK trade envoy for Taiwan. The prime minister's instructions were clear - support economic growth by building on the UK's already strong relations with Taiwan, maximize bilateral trade, and generate real and long-term economic benefits for both markets.

It was in this role that I recently led a UK business delegation regarding sustainable railway development to Taiwan from 17 - 19 November. Comprising 17 companies and organizations the delegation was the largest railway mission ever to visit Taiwan.

The purpose of the visit was to meet with the Taiwan railway industry, share common experiences, and build ever-closer partnerships as Taiwan embarks on the latest stage of its exciting plans to develop a modern, safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly railway infrastructure truly befitting its vibrant and fast-moving economy.

The UK railway industry currently provides consultancy, signalling, track equipment, maintenance equipment, and certifications to Taiwan's railway sector.

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