I am pleased to see that the noble Lord, Lord Faulkner, is on the Woolsack today. He and I share a great love of sport, including football. The noble Lord, Lord Faulkner, will appreciate the four-letter word “duty” as he sits there, and I am sure that he will enjoy himself. At the opening of the Wembley Stadium, I was delighted to see Private Beharry, Victoria Cross, come out. Little by little, such events bring the situation home to the public. I would call him, and others like him, a hero and I believe it brought the matter to the public's notice in a subtle way."

Comment made by Lord Lyell during debate on the Armed Forces 22 November 2007 [Appointed to the panel of members who act as Deputy Chairmen of Committees for this Session of Parliament. See Hansard entry 13 November 2007]